Equality policy

All people are welcome to Vipassana courses. Regardless of background, gender or sexual orientation - one comes to a Vipassana course with a common goal: to overcome suffering.

The technique taught and practiced is not bound to any particular religion or philosophy

The Buddha, who taught the technique of Vipassana meditation, was not interested in converting people to any religion or to a particular philosophical point of view. He found a way to eradicate suffering and wanted to show this path to others.
It is the same today. To overcome suffering we have to look within, because the cause of our suffering lies within ourselves. Countless Vipassana courses have shown that the technique works - regardless of our cultural roots, religious backgrounds, world views or orientations.


A Vipassana course is a demanding undertaking and in order to practice seriously, participants must be physically and mentally fit to follow the meditation instructions.

Physical health

Some participants may need special support due to a health issue or physical impairment. We strive to meet their needs the best we can, provided they are generally able to follow the schedule and program persistently.
Well in advance - before participants arrive at the Vipassana centre - we need to know their requirements in order to accommodate them appropriately and meet their needs during the course. Therefore, we ask all persons with special requirements to inform us in detail on their online registration form. For this the section "Would you like to add anything to the above information?" should be used. In order to meet special needs accordingly, we may contact such participants again before the course starts.

Mental health

The course may not be suitable for people with mental health problems, past or present. Applicants will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire in order to give us a more detailed picture of their condition and history. We may then need to seek advice from a medical professional when considering whether it is in the applicant’s best interest to attend a course. We are concerned about the well-being of all participants, so we will not accept people on the course if we feel it is not suitable for them and that they may not benefit from it.

Visual, hearing and learning disabilities

In order to participate successfully in a Vipassana course, applicants with learning disabilities, visual, hearing or cognitive impairments must be able to perceive and apply the instructions as well as follow the timetable and course discipline. Please let us know in advance if you have any of the above-mentioned limitations so that we can support you best (e.g. with hearing aids). If in doubt, we will contact you to discuss whether we can provide what you need during the course.

Sexual orientation and gender diversity

People of all sexual orientations and identities are welcome to our courses. 

The Vipassana meditation center is divided into a male and a female area. This separation extends to the living quarters, the walking areas, the dining rooms and the meditation hall. These arrangements are designed to reduce distractions that may arise from the mixing of genders, and for this reason, couples live separately. With same-sex couples it is impossible to provide the same degree of separation as is possible for mixed-sex couples, since both partners would be living in close proximity within the same area of the centre. Therefore we ask that same-sex couples attend courses separately. We appreciate this may cause disappointment, but it is necessary in order to provide the ideal environment for both partners to gain the most benefit from the course.

People who do not clearly identify with one particular gender, please let us know when registering. Transgender and non-binary persons will be accommodated on either the male or female side of the campus. When registering, please state your gender as it appears on your personal ID card and then indicate which gender you identify with in the "Would you like to add to the above information?" section if required. It is necessary for a course participation that you can accept that you will be staying on either the emale or the fmale side.


The Vipassana Trust is committed to protecting the privacy of all people who apply for and attend a course to the best of our ability. All personal data and information is handled with great care in accordance with our privacy policy. If you have any questions about the above stated points, please feel free to contact us at any time at: [email protected].